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Dog Walking


At Yappy Days, we offer regular and one off dog walks for all sorts of pooches. We do group walks and solo walks for the dogs that prefer to be the center of attention. 

Group Dog Walks - £12 per dog (£3 for additional dogs)

This is a great chance for your dog(s) to socialise and burn some energy while running around with friends.

Your dog(s) will be placed on a walk with others after an initial assessment.

A group walk lasts approximately 50 minutes and no more than 4 dogs are walked at a time. Your dog can either be on or off lead depending on recall.

Your pooch will be collected and returned in our dog safe vehicle. We will water and clean the dogs (when possible) after they’ve had fun in the mud!

Group walks run throughout the day so times can be adjusted to fit you and your dog.

Solo Dog Walks - £15 per dog (£3 for additional dog)


Your dog(s) will be collected from home and walked by themselves for approximately 50 minutes.


This suits dogs who can be reactive or just prefer their own company!


Water will be checked on return and topped up if needed.


I take the highest care when walking reactive dogs to avoid stressful situations. We have years of experience working with a wide spectrum of dog behavioral difficulties, so your pooch can enjoy their walk without worry.



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