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Doggy Day Care

Traditional day cares can be busy and sometimes overwhelming for dogs, so we decided to build our own, where we can do things the Yappy Days way!

Indoor and outdoor facilities custom built for dogs to play, sleep and interact in a safe and appropriate manner. We are licensed with Wealden council, our License number is: LN000026417

Day care - £31 per dog


During the experience of Yappy Days, we understand that each individual dog has its own personality and preferences, along with their owners. By building a day care from scratch, we could design rooms that would incorporate everything that we've learned through walking and behaviour work.

We have three rooms at day care along with an outside area. All the dogs will have free access to all areas. We've built a home environment, specifically for your dogs!


All of the inside area is fully heated for winter and air conditioned for summer and fully ventilated throughout. Yappy Days has taken all the best elements of walking and made a full day of it!

Routine is important for dogs, we've carefully created an enriching timetable to ensure plenty of regular rests are taken and the more they attend, the more familiar your dog will become to the timings (the same way they let you know when it's dinner time!)

We offer collection and drop off in the local area (Edenbridge, Oxted and East Grinstead) in our fully kitted out van. Collection will be between 9am and 11am depending where you're based and drop off will be between 4pm and 5pm.

Our day care is for 10 dogs max. to make sure your dog gets the time and attention they deserve. This means that if you or your dog has any special requests or requirements, we can do our best to be flexible. 

If you're interested in arranging a visit, please email or complete the form below.

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